The new release of Prototypo is online

We have been working hard since the last release of Prototypo. Today, we can proudly announce that 7,000 designers have used Prototypo to create more than 10,000 fonts. We are glad to come back to you with some fresh news.

Our new font is available!

We are pleased to introduce the latest brainchild of our partners and friends from Production Type: Prototypo Elzevir!

With the release of Elzevir you can now count on a new parametric typeface. Elzevir typefaces are appreciated for their colour and for the sharpness they bring to the document. They remain readable even when set at small sizes. We have learned a lot since we produced our first two fonts and put them in designers’ hands. Building on our experience and your feedback, we have made Elzevir the best font released in Prototypo (the 2 others will soon be updated).

Create your font now!

With 3 parametric typefaces available you can now enjoy a wide range of possibilities to start your own font project.

Fresh features: pangrams + shortcuts

A complete overview of the whole font you are designing with pangrams, and direct access to the glyphs from the glyph view.

Special Offer

To celebrate the birth of Prototypo Elzevir, we offer you 30% off on your first month for a monthly plan or 30% on your first year for an annual plan! Keep in mind that monthly subscriptions are without commitment. This is the perfect opportunity to try Prototypo!

What is on the launchpad

Usability tests have been carried out on the application, and we are also mindful of users’ feedback. This gives us some guidelines for the next developments. Considering this, we can already tell you that the website font export will be part of the next release, along with other surprises.

Send us your creations!

We would love to see your work. Send us a screenshot or the font at or on Twitter @prototypoApp and we will share it with the world!

Cheers, the team!